Is listening to a podcast—or watching a video podcast (a Vidcast)—really that appealing? Effective?

On the topic of podcasts and m-learning, I saw an article that said: “Learning from podcasts has many benefits over learning from books.” What was really interesting here was that it was on—the site of the British Medical Journal. Even MDs are being encouraged to listen to podcasts?

Ever since wikis emerged, I’ve loved the idea of using them to learn as a team. That’s a large part of what we now call Informal Learning.

More and more people are talking on the Web about the basic, yet the most important stuff: Is managing e-mail is worth your time? What should you use the Web for? What’s really important in life? Along those lines, here are notes about how to learn—as I’ve seen it.

Can Twitter be used as a learning tool, in conjunction with — or independent of — the classroom?

What Merits Are There To The 19th-Century Schooling System?

The Greek roots of “Pedagogy” translate to “leading a child.” In that respect—a teacher leading a learner—not much has changed in the shift from pedagogy to andragogy, or from “teaching” to “adult learning,” even if the methods have.

The Age of W-Learning is here. Another buzzword? Yet another gimmick? Before we write it off, let’s take a closer look. (By the way, “W-Learning” is “Wiki-Learning.”)

The funny thing about the human brain is that it has a mind of its own. It behaves like people do, perhaps in a less sophisticated way. Let’s pit that observation against something like Wikipedia and see what happens. Think about teaching, engagement, learning, retention.