In terms of attitudes to Internet use, we see all sorts today. Some still use paper and pen, only occasionally looking up information online, while others do everything online. Just the same way, some read print newspapers, others read their news online, and so on.

Is listening to a podcast—or watching a video podcast (a Vidcast)—really that appealing? Effective?

On the topic of podcasts and m-learning, I saw an article that said: “Learning from podcasts has many benefits over learning from books.” What was really interesting here was that it was on—the site of the British Medical Journal. Even MDs are being encouraged to listen to podcasts?

YouTube EDU is news to me. I'm still wondering how I missed it—it’s pretty much like TV channels and classrooms right on the funny-videos site! So I took a good look, and here are the channels I liked best.

Searching online for open courseware, I found phrases like “get your degree online real quick” and “your university degree is only a step away.” Now these seemed to combine the ideas of online degrees and “get instant access,” so I looked at a few suspect sites.

An earlier post looked at open courseware—free online courses from universities. From 2002 to 2010, the idea has caught on in so many places, Free does seem to be the way ahead!

Open Courseware, or OCW, has been around for almost a decade now. OCW is the term for free online courseware corresponding to actual university lectures (or, in some cases, other course material at a reputed university).